Builder’s licence, warranties and insurance

Brandon Calder Homes ensure that the company, employees and all contractors have the appropriate warranties, lincences and insurances for all projects undertaken on behalf of clients.

BUILDER’S LICENCE: 212768C MBA-1-300x132 HOME OWNER’S WARRANTY: A Home Owner’s Warranty is established for every new client project. Home Owners Warranty is required by law and it is designed to protect consumers from faulty and incomplete work, where the contractor becomes insolvent, dies or disappears. WORK COVER: Brandon Calder Homes has work cover insurance to cover employees for any potential injuries on the job site. CONTRACT WORKS INSURANCE: Contract Works insurance is designed to cover losses during the construction of a building. These losses can either be material damage to the property being built or damage or loss to a third party property or person.

Our Contract Works insurance for residential construction includes the following:

  • Property damage $100,000
  • Builder’s all-risk public liability $10,000,000
  • Products liability $10,000,000

Disputes, defects and statutory warranties

The new laws help to clarify what is a major defect, which is covered by a 6-year warranty. General defects that don’t meet the ‘major defect test’ will continue to be covered by the standard 2-year warranty. Major defects are defects that: are in a ‘major element of the building AND prevent all or part of the building from being lived in or used for its intended purpose OR threaten the collapse or destruction of the building or part of it. | For disputes relating to defects, tribunals and courts need to consider rectification as the preferred outcome. Builders who seek to fix defects can’t be unreasonably refused access to a property by the home owner. | To prevent rectification work being stalled, NSW Fair Trading Inspectors, through a Rectification Order, can oblige consumers to pay the builder any money owed under the contract. | The definition of completion for strata buildings has changed so that completion occurs on the issue of an occupation certificate allowing the whole building to be used and occupied. | Licensees have a legal defence in proceedings for a breach of statutory warranties if they reasonably relied on the written advice of an independent professional engaged by the owner.

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